The Latest Adventure: Myanmar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition.

Juxtaposition – The act of placing things side by side – especially for comparison or contrast.

When I investigated closer the word is partly derived from Latin – Juxta -from Jagos – Which means closely connected.

This puts a whole new light on the word.

Contrasting – but connected.

Here a car makes it’s way through the narrow lanes of the Old City of Jerusalem. The walls are lined with modern clothes and articles for sale and people make their way through with backpacks and hand bags.

Once upon a time – it would have been a donkey. Spices food and woven cloth for sale and people carrying baskets

Connected how?  It’s the evolution of a city through time, from it’s origins through to today.


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  1. Those bazaars always seem too crowded to walk through let alone drive a car! Perfect for the topic.

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