The Latest Adventure: Myanmar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

I’m fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where jobs, food and basic human needs are not even things we need to think twice about.

I’m fortunate also enough to have travelled quite extensively and make a point to include “off the tourist trail” aspects to my trips

One of the most important aspects for me is to gain even the smallest insight into how others live.  If you truly want to understand humanity, you need to go out of your own comfort zone, see different places, spend some time experiencing how others live.  As a “tourist” you never truly walk in their shoes, but any insight into others lives must surely give us the opportunity to be better, more empathetic and more understanding.

The pictures below are both of people, places and experiences that show many aspects of humanity and peoples lives, some are good and some a reminder that at times we still have avery long way to go.


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