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The Vengabus Part 1

If you’ve read “My Story” you will know that by today’s standards Scott and I started travelling late, and so missed the days of back packer buses and dodgy European hostels…

Or so we thought…

Wilbur – the busabout bus

Croatia has been high on Scott’s “Must See” list. Specifically Plitvice Lakes. However most tours were a day trip from Split. This involves several hours on a bus to get there, a couple of hours in the park and several hours to get back. After much research we found one tour group which camped overnight in the park, giving us more time to explore.

And so it was that we found ourselves on a backpacking bus tour of Eastern Europe… With 27 other partygoers and one crazy party (oh i mean tour) leader, making our way around the hostels and bars of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.

This is possibly going to end in tears.

Creepy – Kutna Hora church of bones

A day in the life of Busabout goes much as follows… In 10 easy steps.

1. Up between 7 and 8am to have breakfast, usually bread, cheese, jam…but sometimes cake!! Yes cake for breakfast!

2. Luggage out the front of the hostel 15 mins before departure.

3. Pete the driver plays luggage Tetris to fit 30 sets of luggage in Wilbur the bus. He is now very good at this…. Square suitcases, contrary to popular belief are a not helpful when packing the bus full of backpacks.

4. Everyone piles on the bus. Ola “don’t call me Olga”, our illustrious leader, then starts the festivities with the daily song. For our trip she’s branched out from her traditional MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This”. We listen instead to the classic melodies of the Vengaboys… Letting us know “the Vengabus is coming”…

Devastating… Auschwitz

5. Day one involves an interactive game of speed dating to get to know our companions (ignoring the fact seat belts are required by law – I’m not sure where they stand on musical chairs while driving). Subsequent days simply involve sleep.

6. Rest stops a couple of hours in to load up on vitamin shots, energy drinks, chocolate and coffee.

7. Sightseeing stops. These range from the simply bizzare, such as the church of bones at Kutna Hora to the simply devastating – the concentration camps of Auschwitz.

8. Arrival at our day’s final destination – check in to hostel and orientation walk of town followed by free time.

Kooky… A bar in an old soviet plane

9. Dinner. Local fare involving lots of meat and something fried….no veges in sight. Drinks. Local libations…mostly involving Vodka, often in thumb sized glasses, consumed very quickly and in vast numbers. Local bar – ranging from the stuffy inside of an old war plane with a crazy cranky owner who locks everyone in, to a cool underground night club whose corridors and rooms seem to be endless, with a wide choice of music and dance floors

10. Stumble home, amazingly not getting lost, fall into bed, ready to do it all again to tomorrow!

…..Stay tuned to see how all this ends…..

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