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The Bucket List

Although this site is predominantly about travel, having adventures is so much broader. It’s about doing something that for you is exciting, unusual and maybe with some degree of risk or challenge, whether physical, psychological, emotional or financial.

A long time ago I wrote my bucket list, but what’s the point if it stays in a drawer. The problem with a bucket list is that all too often it becomes a wish list or a “One day when…” list. A true bucket list needs COMMITMENT. It needs PRIORITISATION. It needs ACCOUNTABILITY.

So it’s time to put it out in the public domain and become accountable for it…what I’ve done…and what I still need to.

Challenge yourself to complete items on your bucket list. I am making a commitment to complete 5 more items on my list between January 2013 and December 2015.

What will you do? So in no particular order…. The 59 things I most want to do in my life.

1. Stand on every continent on earth

  • Antarctica
  • Africa (first time in September 2002 – Kenya)
  • Asia (first time in October 2005 – Vietnam)
  • Australia (well hey I’ve done that most days for the last 40 years)
  • Europe (first time in June 2012 – Italy)
  • North America (first time in July 2004)
  • South America

2. Run the City to Surf (August 2010 – Sydney) 3. Hike the Kokoda trail 4. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World, as named by The Seven Wonders Foundation in Switzerland in 2007 * The ancient city of Petra in Jordan (April 2012) * Chichen Itza in Mexico * Christ the Redeemer in Brazil * The Colosseum in Rome (June 2012) * The Great Wall of China * Machu Picchu in Peru * Taj Mahal in India

5. Celebrate St Patricks Day in Dublin 6. Jump out of a plane (yes, with a parachute!) 7. Drink a beer with someone famous 8. Live in Bali for six months, eating vegetarian food and doing Yoga everyday 9. Camp in the Sahara (April 2012 Merzouga Morocco)

Camping in the Sahara Desert

Camping in the Sahara Desert

10. Write a novel 11. See the sunrise from a hot air balloon (April 2012 – over the Valley of The Kings Egypt)   12. Jump off the top of a boat into the ocean thus conquering a fear of jumping from a height and also swimming in the ocean! (April 2012 – Turkey – Aegean Sea)

Jumping of a perfectly good boat

Jumping of a perfectly good boat

13. Go on a camping Safari through Africa. 14. Volunteer at an orphanage in Cambodia 15. Work at an environmental research station in the Galapagos islands. 16. Swim with a whale shark 17. See the markets of Marrakech (April 2012 – Morocco) The spice markets in Marrakesh 18. Teach English as a foreign language 19. Rent a villa in Tuscany (June 2012 – Italy) 20. Stay at Base Camp in Everest. 21. Meditate with a monk in Tibet 22. Stay in an Ashram 23. Have a White Christmas 24. Smash some tomatoes at La Tomatina Festival in Spain 25. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and build a house for someone in need 26. Float in the Dead Sea (May 2012 – Jordan) 27. Learn and then speak a foreign language fluently in that country 28. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro 29. Drink a German beer in Germany at Oktoberfest 30. Party at Madi Gras in Rio 31. Take part in a summer solstice ritual at Stonehenge 32. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland 33. Complete a Half Marathon..running all the way (April 2011 – Sydney Half Marathon) 34. Play Backgammon in a local cafe in Istanbul while drinking apple tea and smoking a waterpipe (May 2012 – Turkey) 35. See the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve 36. Get really wet at Niagara Falls 37. Be a Mahout (Elephant handler) for a day (November 2010 – Laos) 38. Be an extra in a movie 39. Swim amidst ancient ruins (May 2012 – Pumakkale Turkey) 40. Get a fish pedicure 41. Have a family 42. Live on a totally self sustaining property providing my own food, water and power. 43. Take a donkey ride somewhere interesting (April 2012 – from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings) 44. Join a camel caravan (April 2012 – Morocco)

A Came Caravan into the Sahara

A Camel Caravan into the Sahara

45. Walk the Milford Track in New Zealand. 46. See the sunrise over the temples of Angkor Wat (October 2005 Cambodia)


The mystic temples of Angkor Wat

47. Swim in the pool at San Alfonso del Mar (Chile) the world’s largest swimming pool – 1000 yards long and covering 20 acres 48. Stay in an Ice Hotel 49. Walk the Great Wall of China Marathon 50. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix 51. Hike the Appalachian Trail 52. Make like Indiana Jones and visit Petra (April 2012 – Jordan)


The Treasury Building at Petra, Jordan

53. Visit Easter Island

54. Go an an Amazon Rainforest expedition

55. Cruise around the Mediterranean on a big fancy cruise ship (June 2012 – Celebrity Equinox)

56. Make like an army cadet and compete in Tough Bloke Challenge (July 2011 – Appin Park Sydney)

57. Find a way to have work life balance …rather than defer everything until I’m retired and I’m too old and not rich enough to enjoy it (aka Tim Ferris – The 4 hour work week)

58. Spend a day riding a bicycle through an Asian country (October 2010 – Chiang Mai Thailand)

59. Fly somewhere First Class

So there it is. 59 things that I most want to do. I’ve achieved some…but not nearly enough. And I’ve worked long enough to know that work is a means to an end. My job (which I actually love by the way) gives me the time and financial flexibility to go for and achieve my bucket list. And out the other side, I believe it gives me a perspective to live my life and work my job as a much better person.

This is a gift, and it is my responsibility to grab hold and embrace it with arms wide open.

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