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Take a Ride in a Cable Car

Who doesn’t like a good ride in a cable car…

Well I guess if you are scared of heights, maybe don’t read further – or live vicariously through someone else’s eyes.

Me? – Well personally I LOVE heights and funnily the thought of hanging over a gorge hundreds of meters up doesn’t really phase me.

On our travels, we’ve caught cable cars and funiculars in the Blue Mountains and Kuranda (Australia), Christchurch and Queenstown (New Zealand),  Mt Baldo (Italy), Masada (Israel), Zakopane (Poland), and while not up high is still pretty cool – The Powell-Hyde Line in San Francisco

But what is the general consensus for some of the most spectacular and scenic rides in the world.  Well I caught up with my old friend Google – and her’s what we came up with.  How many have you been on?

1.  The Highest Cable Car Ride – La Paz to El Alto

The world’s highest cable car opened in Bolivia in 2014, carrying passengers from the capital La Paz, which lies at an altitude of 3,660 metres, to nearby El Alto. The ride will cut journey times between the two cities from around half an hour to less than 10 minutes, and tickets costs just three bolivianos.

La Paz airport cable car

Photo Courtesy of the Guardian


2. The world’s longest single cable car – Da Nang Viet Nam

The world’s longest single-cable cable car, this attraction links Vong Nguyet Hill, near Da Nang, and Ba Na mountain, a journey of more than three miles. Another cable car is planned that would connect the sleepy hill station of Sapa in Vietnam’s northwestern Lao Cai province, with the top of Mount Fansipan, Indochina’s tallest peak.

Photo Courtesy of Vietnam News

Photo Courtesy of Vietnam News


3.  Open Air cable car – Mount Stanserhorn Switzerland

Riding to the top of the 1,900-meter Mount Stanserhorn with the wind in your hair, the blue sky above you and a fantastic 360° panorama: that was the concept of the new cable car to replace the one from Kälti to Stanserhorn.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of


4. The fastest cable car in the world – Genting Skyway, Malaysia

The fastest cable cars in the world speed you up the longest cableway in southeast Asia. The journey ends at the Genting Highlands Resort, a cool 6,650 feet (2,027 meters) above sea level, with theme parks, shops, hotels, and a casino.


Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph UK

5. One of the most scenic cable car rides – Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio

The journey takes you first to Urca Hill above Guanabara Bay, then up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain (1,300 feet/396 meters). In the distance is Rio’s famous statue, “Christ the Redeemer” on Corcovado Mountain, while the city and its beaches fan out below, splendid at sunset.


Photo Courtesy of Getty


6.  A rotating cable car – Table Mountain, South Africa

The floor of the cable car rotates 360 degrees to give passengers maximum views on the quick journey to the summit of Table Mountain (3,560 feet/1,085 meters). On arrival choose from a number of paths for exploring the mountain—take a picnic for a relaxing visit. The atmosphere is often clearest in the early morning or late evening.

Photo Courtesy of Blue Mountain Backpackers

Photo Courtesy of Blue Mountain Backpackers


7.  The worlds “lowest” cable car – Masada, Israel.

There are two reasons why Israel’s Masada Cableway is one of the most unique cable cars you can experience. The first reason is that it rises over an incredible, ancient fortress. The second is that it’s the lowest cable car in the world because it starts 257 meters below sea level.

Stock Photo

Stock Photo


8.  A trio of scenic cable cars – Yellow Mountain, China

Located in the remote hills of China’s Anhui Province, Mt. Huangshan, or Yellow  is home to some of the country’s most striking natural wonders—you can visit hot springs, waterfalls, and unique rock formations like Lion Peak, the Flying Stone, Monkey Gazing at the Sea, as well as popular tree formations like Black Tiger Pine, Lovers’ Pine, and Two Immortals Playing Chess, that the area is known for. Hiking enthusiasts flock to the area’s vast trail system with pine trees, streams, and jagged rocks on one side of the path and nothing but sheer cliffs on the other. Yellow Mountain boasts three cable car systems, carrying visitors to various scenic points on the mountain since 1986—the Yungu Cableway takes you from Cloud Valley to White Goose Peak, the Yuping Cableway takes you from the Mercy Light Pavillion to the Jade Screen Pavillion, and the Taiping Cableway takes you from the Pine Valley Nunnery to Pine Forrest Peak.

Photo Courtesy of China Travel

Photo Courtesy of China Travel

9.  Like scenes from a movie The “Avatar Mountain”  – Mt Tianzi, China

Take a ride on one of the cable cars through the landscape that inspired the mountainous scenery in Avatar – simply amazing


Stock Photo


10. A cable car operated by hand – The San Francisco Cable Car, USA

The San Francisco cable car system is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. An icon of San Francisco, California, the cable car system forms part of the intermodal urban transport network operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

Photo Courtesy of SF todo

Photo Courtesy of SF todo

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