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My Backyard

While a great deal of The Amateur Adventurer has been focussed on trips further afield, the reality of having to work for a living, pay a mortgage or two, and just generally be a responsible grown-up has given me pause to think.

Adventures don’t necessarily require months of planning, a backpack and a passport.  It was time to start looking closer to home and viewing my local hang-outs through a new set of eyes.  Perhaps months of travel would help me appreciate the people, the culture, the lifestyle and the environment right outside my front door.

And so I present “My Backyard”, a collection of adventures right here in beautiful New South Wales, Australia. Ranging from short walks through spectacular national parks and coastlines, crazy adventure races through the mud, day-trips encompassing city highlights, weekend getaways to the wine country or short-breaks to the happening North Coast for music festivals and surfing sojourns – adventure is right there for you to find it.


 That’s My Backyard

Have You Explored Yours Lately?


~Wild Walks in My Backyard~

With its treasury of mountains, caves, rivers, rainforests, and other wilderness wonders, New South Wales is a natural playground of great hikes and walks.  From a couple of hours easy stroll along spectacular coastlines to multi-day strenuous hikes into the rainforest, there is something for everyone.  Explore the wild walks in my backyard.

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