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A Trip to The Valley of the Kings Part 2: The Dos and Don’ts of Donkey Riding

In all honesty I could probably write a book on the dos and don’ts of animal transport in third world countries.  But the least favourite of all the animals I’ve had the pleasure of being transported by during my travels is – without a doubt – DONKEYS. So you remember that movie with the big green ogre who went off ...

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A Trip to The Valley of the Kings Part 1: Hot Air Ballooning

It’s time for another adventure and we are still taking a glimpse at the wonders that Egypt has to offer. There is just so much in this wondrous country and it is somewhere I have wanted to go since I was at school and we studied the history and mythology of Egypt. These days it can be a pretty dicey ...

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Weekends on the North Coast – Mt Warning Summit Trail

Every few years we get the energetic urge to climb to the summit of Mt Warning, on the beautiful Tweed Coast of Northern NSW.  Looking at the mountain from afar it is easy after time passes to forget the hard slog to get to the top.  Time that quickly becomes irrelevant once we are halfway up and remembering why we ...

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Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The place that marks the Crucifixion and burial site of Jesus is of course a must see on any itinerary to Jerusalem. The church itself is beautiful. Upon entry a staircase to the immediate right takes you up to the site of Golgotha. Here you can place your hand on the site where the cross stood. Sometimes there is a ...

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Weekends on the NSW Mid North Coast – South West Rocks

Sometimes we just don’t have the time or funds or energy to plan an overseas jaunt so we have a few go-to places locally that we fall back on. By locally of course I mean anywhere in Australia 🙂 The coastal stretch of NSW offers so many beautiful places to visit it is hard to pick a favourite, but over ...

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Bouddi Coast Walk – Putty Beach to Maitland Bay

It’s no secret I love getting away. Experiencing new cultures, people and places always brings me a sense of wonder. But sometimes it’s just as satisfying to get our into your own back yard and experience some of the wonders much closer to home. When I first moved to the Central Coast, Bouddi National Park and it’s beaches become one ...

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