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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The famous Marrakech square – Jemaa el-Fnaa Modern urbanism encroaches the traditional in a sea of satellite dishes that stretch across the rooftops of the souks.   3 people like this post. Like Unlike

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Wire, Walls & The West Bank

I’ve been asked a number of times if I ever felt in danger during my time in Israel.  Reflecting back I was surprised to find that it wasn’t fear that I had felt at all.  It was more a sense of helplessness… or perhaps more accurately, hopelessness. It was a combination of everything. The heavily armed presence of the Israeli ...

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth When I think of growth I think of Of letting go to move forward, Of new life from destruction. The old supporting, but making way for new Ruins from the Croat-Bosniak war in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovia. The growth of new shrubbery is supported by the ruins of an old bombed building.   7 people like this post. Like Unlike

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Get Your Jump On (or is that off?)

On a recent trip to Turkey, I was encouraged to face my fear of jumping from high places, usually into bitingly cold water. I mean, are you escaping from a cannibalistic amazon tribe? Running from a ferocious man eating beast? Trapped in a burning building? Are you a vampire loving Bella getting over Edward by doing extreme sports (so I’ve ...

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple.

Purple The color of royalty Symbol of mystery and magic. Perfect combination of WARM and COOL Imagination & Inspiration Purple Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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