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Make room for me! - Ayvalik, Turkey

PhotoBlog: Cats on Vacation

Okay so anyone who knows me, knows that after years of bugging, nagging and generally being a brat – Scott finally relented and let me ...

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition.

Juxtaposition – The act of placing things side by side – especially for comparison or contrast. When I investigated closer the word is partly derived ...

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astronomical clock

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  “In infinite time, in infinite matter, in infinite space, is formed a bubble organism, and that bubble lasts a while and bursts, and that ...

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Goa Gajah – The Elephant Cave

If yoga and vegan food become all too much during a stay in Ubud, the surrounding countryside is scattered with a number of attractions to ...

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Quad biking in Ubud

Well, I did say before we left on our latest trip to Bali that this time we would do a bike ride while in Ubud… ...

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